Don't Work
Published on February 7, 2006 By Daiwa In WindowBlinds
Despite setting the colors in SKS for the Flashing TaskBar Button Text, it remains the Normal color of the regular TaskBar Button graphic when flashing.

Is this one of those situations where SKS promises & WB fails to deliver? Or is there a setting somehwere else I need to change?

WB5 (.011), XPP SP2


on Feb 07, 2006
Unfortunately, it's one of those. You can't change the text color for the flashing task button. It will retain the text color of whatever state it was in before it began flashing. That's not just the normal state though. Activated tasks can flash too, such as when you have grouped tasks and one of them is active when another begins to flash.
on Feb 07, 2006
Thanks, Mike - I was afraid that was the case. I use a vertical taskbar & have never seen the scenario you describe with grouped windows as don't remember ever having enough windows open at one time to trigger grouping, so didn't know.

I'll check that off the ToDo list.