Published on November 25, 2006 By Daiwa In Skinning
I just did some perpixel backgrounds for a skin I'm working on and when the skin is applied the background of the Logoff Buttons in the non-domain Logoff Dialog is wrong & looks like this:

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Even though the buttons are using magic pink for transparency (& even if I do a .tga image), the area that should be transparent is displaying what appears to be a portion of the Tabs Page image. The Shutdown Dialog Buttons, using either .bmp with magic pink or .tga with alpha, display properly in either per pixel or standard.

Any ideas how to fix this? TIA.
on Nov 25, 2006
The Edit Post Tool isn't working.

I should point out that the upper Logoff image is what the skin is displaying when applied & the lower image is how it looks in SkinStudio.
on Nov 25, 2006
on Nov 26, 2006
on Nov 26, 2006
Hey Daiwa, check the code, for buttons you may need to add Trans=1 and for log off background may need to add Trans=1 and Per Pixel=1.

on Nov 26, 2006
For these sections and some others the transparent and translucent check boxes are not active, so must be added to code;
Trans=1 for transparent (bitmaps with magic pink)
Per Pixel=1 for translucent (both needed for png/tga images)
on Nov 26, 2006
Thanks very much, Cavan1. Unfortunately, adding the parameters you suggested to the button code, the background code or both doesn't fix it.

The button images display properly on a non-perpixel background - this only showed up when I added a perpixel logoff background. The shutdown dialog buttons display properly (using magic pink) on both non-perpixel & perpixel backgrounds.

on Nov 27, 2006
Shameless bump. Sorry.
on Dec 02, 2006
on Dec 02, 2006
Maybe this could help WWW Link

Personaly, I prefer to une the PNG format (PNG 8 with Alpha transapency).
on Dec 02, 2006
Thanks for the link, Saga, not to mention your interest - I appreciate it.

I tried using a .png with alpha trans (SKS imports .png's & converts them to .tga on the fly) but the appearance is the same (once translucency is set to on). The puzzling part is where the square with the horizontal stripes is coming from - it is not in either the Button image or in the Background image and is getting pulled from somewhere else. It looks like the TabsPane background but the Menu background looks similar so it could be coming from either. I'm thinking something is not right with WB, that this is a true bug, since neither image involved in this GUI element contains anything looking like that.
on Dec 02, 2006
Figured this one out, it appears.

If I use the same images for both perpixel & nonperpixel logoff & shutdown backgrounds, respectively, everything displays correctly. I had nonperpixel images set for the "regular" images - appears that's where the small square backgrounds were coming from. Deleting the "regular" images did not work, actually made things worse and affected the shutdown dialog buttons as well, but once I selected the same images for both "regular" & perpixel for each, they displayed the buttons correctly.

One down, two to go.

Thanks to Cavan1, Bichur & Saga Gemini for your help.