Oh, about that 'largest middle class tax increase in history...'
Published on March 15, 2009 By Daiwa In Democrat

After savaging McCain in the campaign over McCain's plan to trade a tax credit for taxes on healthcare benefits, to move the buying decision from the employer to the employee, calling it 'the largest middle class tax increase in history,' BO has decided to let Congress know that, 'Hey, I opposed this idea, but if you guys wanna do it, what can I do to stop you?'

on Mar 16, 2009

I'm so surprised.  /sarcasm

on Mar 17, 2009

That was his plan for change. He "changed" to some of McCain's ideas (like the nation is fundamentally sound"). Everything else is to support his core, show the world we are weak again, or remove.diminish any vestiges of conservatism.

on Mar 17, 2009

the nation IS fundamentally sound, the problem is the democrats in congress. with their welfare to parasites, their socialism, their "affordable housing" and so on.

on Mar 17, 2009

And now he wants to push off the cost of Veterans' care to private insurance companies for Vets who are covered by private insurance, i.e, make the insurance companies pay the VA just like any other provider.  Which, of course, means push the cost on to all the rest of us who have private insurance in the form of even higher premiums.  This, in my view, is just one more incremental effort to make the cost of private insurance so prohibitive that the government can step in on the pretense that it can provide health care at a reasonable cost (which we know isn't true).

on Mar 17, 2009

he wants to fuck over the vets because he views them as evil soldiers of the evil american empire... instead he wishes to use the money to fund free healthcare to parasites and illegal aliens...

You know what I just don't have a joke for this one, its just too terrible. I mean seriously I never imagined that he would be that bad... I thought he puts america in jeoperdy before he was elected but he goes way beyond anything i ever imagined.

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