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Published on September 26, 2011 By Daiwa In Object Desktop

New Win7 x64 rig.  OD subscriber.  D/L'd & installed my apps from the store.  Ran WB, Fences & Tweak7 without any problems, each accepted my OD license key & activated post-haste.

Went to run SKS7 & got the above message when I clicked the 'Activate' button.  Anyone know what the fix is, before I submit a ticket?  I know, I'm lazy. 

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on Sep 27, 2011

on Sep 27, 2011

Wish I knew.... Is there a way to manually enter the s/n? You're sure it was sks7 and not sks7 pro?

I'd send off that request for help though... there might be a backlog in support.... 

on Sep 27, 2011

Thx, Doc.

Only option offered was SKS7 Pro, which is what I D/L'd & installed.  The app won't open unless it's activated, so can't 'enter it manually' as I understand you to mean.  Tried to launch it several times (which brings up the activation dialog), made sure the OD license key was correct each time & each time got the error message.

I'll break down & submit a ticket.

on Sep 27, 2011

Just submitted ticket #PTT-585029.  For future reference.

on Oct 06, 2011

There are some issues with the automated support setup, guys.

I received the automated acknowledgement of the ticket submission same day, as expected.

I received a support team response to the above ticket on 9-28-11 which included instructions on something to try, but it did not resolve the issue.

I replied 9-29-11 advising support that the suggestion had failed & requesting advice on the next step.

On 10-3-11 I got an automated email saying the status of the ticket was being changed to 'Closed' as they had not heard from me within 48 hours; if I wanted to re-open the ticket I should reply again.

I replied that same day, 10-3-11, including the information from the 9-29-11 reply.

This morning I got another automated email saying the status of the ticket was being changed to 'Closed', etc., etc.

I have two complaints about this process:

  1. For most of us, 48 hours is an unrealistic 'window of opportunity'.
  2. The system doesn't appear to recognize replies, even when sent within that window.

I'm replying again today to keep the circus from leaving town.  FYI SD.

on Oct 06, 2011

Daiwa, Something went wrong in that we didn't get your replies.  And thus, the case closed because it seemed that you weren't responding.  I've kicked things and we should be going again.

on Oct 06, 2011

on Oct 06, 2011

Thank you, Zu.

on Oct 07, 2011

Mirroring here in case there are still issues with regular email replies:

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, Zu. WB was the first app I installed and activated without issue.  I just ran the SKS installer again as administrator and got the confirmation that it was successfully installed, but got the same error message when I tried to activate it.  Next option?

Thanks again,


on Oct 11, 2011

Have not heard back from Tech Support yet (and it's been more than 48 hours ).

Also just tried to open cideral.uis in Notepad to make a minor change in background color (since I can't get SKS activated) and got the Activation dialog, which gave me the same failure message (could not write activation signature) after I entered my information & clicked Activate.

With WB already activated, why would accessing UIS files also require Activation?

Currently a tad frustrated & irritated - issues of this kind shouldn't occur.

on Oct 11, 2011

It sounds like you opened the UIS file in SkinStudio which is why it prompted for activation.

Run Skinstudio itself (not the installer) as admin and activate like that.

on Oct 11, 2011

Thanks, Neil.  You are correct; I didn't consider that the file association had already been set by the SKS install, even though I can't activate it.  I was able to open the UIS file in Notepad just now.

Unfortunately, SKS won't activate when I run it as admin - still gives the 'could not write signature' error message when I complete the Activation dialog.

on Oct 13, 2011

FWIW, I've been able to activate IP5 & CFX since encountering the problem activating SKS, which still won't activate.

on Oct 13, 2011

That message can mean a number of things.  Are you using your ObjectDesktop serial and e-mail account for it?

on Oct 13, 2011

Yes - OD serial & email account as shown for the SKS7 Pro entry on the Stardock Store My Account page.  Same OD serial as for WB.