Published on November 16, 2013 By Daiwa In Politics

I applaud Charles Barkley for having the balls to defend his right to speak his mind, using whatever words he chooses, and to point out, rightly, that 'white America' can't dictate how he speaks or what he says.

Unfortunately, he is enough of an unwitting racist that it's a one-way freedom in his mind - in his opinion, only black Americans can use that word freely.  White Americans must first be granted permission by black Americans to use it and then only in a setting and context he considers acceptable.

Further, he seems to be oblivious to the hypocrisy.  Such is the state of logic in today's PC world.

on Nov 19, 2013

Just as he does not need permission, neither do I.  Yes, hypocrisy is part of it.  But mixed with a massive amount of condescension and arrogance.

Due to the liberal bleat, some think they have more rights than others.  And that is their biggest disappointment when they find out it is not so.

on Nov 19, 2013

He was a Limbaugh-loving Repub until BO's election.  Was threatening a GOP run for governor of Alabama at one time, remember?

Still like the guy.  Funny dude.

on Dec 10, 2013

There are allot of people in society who are very enthusiastic about combating racism perpetrated by white people and it is very PC as well. Whereas there are few people who are enthusiastic about combating racism perpetrated by black people, it is certainly not PC but most importantly, it is practically impossible to take that stance and be seen with upright motivation - you may as well don the white pointy hat, because that is how everyone will perceive you.

on Dec 13, 2013

Used to be people knew how to behave in public, so we didn't need laws against everything.

on Dec 16, 2013


Used to be people knew how to behave in public, so we didn't need laws against everything.


Used to be, we had discipline in our schools so children were taught the ability to better control their emotions.


Since 'real' discipline got cancelled, is it really any mystery what has happened to society????

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