Meet the New Boss - Same as the Old Boss
Published on August 28, 2012 By Daiwa In Politics

Not that anyone here (or in the GOP) particularly cares, but the GOP lost one registered Republican today with the rules shenanigans at the convention.  I'll vote for Romney, but it's no longer a vote for him, rather a vote against Obama, and I'm re-registering as an Independent as soon as the local rules allow.  RINO jackwagons kicking the proverbial gift horse in the teeth.  Pure idiocy.  McCain must be so proud.

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on Nov 26, 2012

Yeah, well there's that.

on Nov 27, 2012
on Jan 02, 2013

Republicans, God bless 'em, today affirmed the wisdom of my decision to leave their clueless, gutless party after 42 years.  Not that it will matter in the long run.  I foresee one-party rule for the balance of my lifetime, during which I'll witness the final debasement of the wonderful experiment that was our Democratic Republic.  Ben Franklin was a realist and George Orwell was a very bright dude.  The future belongs to the culture of Kanye & Kim.

on Jan 02, 2013

For the first time in history (according to pundits) a majority of Americans do not think the next generation will be better off.  My only incredulity about the results of the survey is that they are asking "Why?"  DUH!  I think we all know why.

You do not enrich a society by making everyone poor.

on Jan 02, 2013

I agree with both Diawa and DrG.

Republicans, God bless em', but man o man, they've proven themselves to be nothing other than self-serving and free to design unjust laws, anti-family policies and regulations that divide, exploit and punish us.   

This Government is not to be trusted.


on Jan 02, 2013

It just gets better by the day.  Here's today's lesson in Rep Stupidity, from the PJ Tatler, on the Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill:

This relief bill is among the million or so things that make covering Washington politics maddening and tedious to cover. Politicians always do this. They load up necessary legislation with their pet projects. Others object. Knives are drawn, denunciations pour fourth, but curiously, the Democrats never get divided by their own antics. It’s always Republicans who draw themselves up into circular firing squads and start pulling triggers. Isn’t the pork in the Sandy bill ultimately Harry Reid’s fault? It’s a product of his Senate. Why aren’t King and Christie focusing their fire on Reid rather than on Boehner?

Right, because Republicans remain the stupid party, and many within the party are not really conservative at all.

I'm no fan of Boehner, but Geez-O-Beast they could at least identify the real villain here.

on Jan 02, 2013

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