Published on January 20, 2023 By Daiwa In Personal Computing

The January 13th update to LastPass appears to be bug-ridden & has broken several things it was previously doing flawlessly on both my rigs.  Anyone else using LastPass having issues since the new version was rolled out?  There is no meaningful/useful support at LastPass - just FAQ's.

on Jan 20, 2023

I'm using it in Firefox without any issues, but the date is January 18th, 2023.

on Jan 20, 2023

After their last breach, that doesn't sound very promising. According to them, there are no problems (, and down dectector ( also reports no problems out of the usual number expected....

I found this:

Is that what you meant by their faq's? Hope it helps.

Are you guys are still using it?? I thought the advice was to change passwords and migrate away from it.



on Jan 20, 2023

Migrating away would be a major pain in the pitooti.  146 stored passwords.  If there is a version dated 1-18-23, maybe they've fixed some things since the 13th & it just hasn't rolled out to me yet.

You alsays have to read between the lines a bit in their notices about the 'compromise' but I'm comfortable, aside from these bugs, continuing to use it.  At least for now.

Thanks, Doc  - I'll try removing & re-installing the extension in my browsers.  Happened on 2 rigs but both using same browser so who knows.

on Jan 20, 2023


I'll try removing & re-installing the extension in my browsers.  Happened on 2 rigs but both using same browser so who knows.

Please let me know if that fixes it for you. 

on Jan 20, 2023

I'm using Last Pass v 4.107.0 on Slimjet, PaleMoon and Edge, so far no issues; migrating to a different manager should not be too difficult, you can export the passwords from LP to a *.csv file and most of the other managers allow importing. Now I just need to find the motivation to pick one and actually do it . . .

on Jan 20, 2023

Removed LP from Brave, rebooted and reinstalled LP from webstore.  Shows version 4.107.0 dated 1-17-23.

Still borked, but moreso.  Icon does not appear on extension section of address bar now.  Still showing weird dancing of the icon in & out of UN &/or PW fields on some login screens.  Some login screens the icon appears fixed to the left of the fields, some inside the field to the right (previously normal location).  Some show the icon to left of UN field but inside PW field.  Seems random.  They did some serious revamping of the dialogs with this version, I suspect introducing bugs along the way.

Will see if same behavior occurring in Chrome.

on Jan 20, 2023

Looks like it may be a Chromium issue or conflict; the icon doesn't appear in the browser bar in Chrome, either.  Shows properly in Edge, though.

on Jan 20, 2023

Works with Google Chrome on my PC. Never use Edge. Might be something else, another addon conflict maybe? Try to disable all the other browser addons and see if the issue is still there.

on Jan 20, 2023

Thanks, JanOscar.

Previously unknown and never done by me, I had to manually pin the icon to the browser bar using the browser bar 'Extensions' icon dialog.  Just stumbled across it clickstorming the problem.  That pinning option is not there if you manage extensions from the Settings menu.  Yeesh.

The only other extensions I use are Tabs to Front and Scroll to Top.  Disabling both made no difference in the other behaviors.