Yesterday & today, tried to post a comment about a skin in the WB section (Primavera, in this case) but could not.  The 'Submit' button will highlight when I hover over it but clicking it just takes me to the top of the page & never 'submits' the comment.

Win7 Pro 64b.  Logged in.

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on Apr 03, 2013

I cannot imagine why this is occurring now....

One other (less pleasant) possibility is having a virus which interferes... but that's less likely. BTW, even if you scan with 2 AV's (better to scan with 5 - online scanners), you still might miss some.

on Apr 03, 2013

of GAWD, Doc!{let us HOPE it isn't a virus/malware}I think not, tho...fingers system is clean on last scan(with all the hacking lately I thought perhaps THAT was the culprit)

on Apr 03, 2013

Make sure to white list WC...not the forum .... they're 2 separate animals....

Rather than whitelist anything, I just disabled all my extensions but still can't post a comment to a skin.  Behavior when left-clicking 'Submit' is the same, just jumps to the top of the page without 'submitting'.