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April 1, 2018 by Daiwa
Is there a way to toggle off the sidebar on JU?  If there is, I can't find it.  If not, that's my suggestion box item for today - it's redundant, not to mention ugly & inconsistent with the forum redesign. Thanks, Daiwa
October 26, 2016 by Daiwa
Like the new layout & look of the forum pages.  Just noticed that the title text in list view doesn't change from bold to normal after reading a post (as it had previously). Just FYI for the devs.
September 2, 2016 by Daiwa
For several months now, randomly, when I click on the 'go to last reply' icon next to the 'last reply' user's name in the Last Reply Info column (Recent Posts or My Replies) there is no such reply with that user's name. Just FYI for Admins
April 2, 2013 by Daiwa
Yesterday & today, tried to post a comment about a skin in the WB section (Primavera, in this case) but could not.  The 'Submit' button will highlight when I hover over it but clicking it just takes me to the top of the page & never 'submits' the comment. Win7 Pro 64b.  Logged in.
September 21, 2012 by Daiwa
Since yesterday, the My Replies link just takes me to the last post I read, not to the list of My Replies.  On two machines so I think it is a "Forum Issue". Thanks!
July 30, 2012 by Daiwa
For the past 4-5 days, there has been a change in the Forum's normal functionality.  Previously, when I would read an unread post or reply, that thread title would change from bold to normal as soon as I left the thread (as it should, to indicate no unread replies).  Now, it isn't changing for quite a long time, sometimes not until I log off & return.  This has been the case in both the 'My Replies' and 'Recent Posts' sections.  Happening on at lea...