An Example of the Disconnect
Published on October 10, 2010 By Daiwa In Pure Technology

Big MSN Headline today:

Search: Scientists find cause of honeybee decline

Follow the link, however, and you learn this.

This may turn out to be the cause of colony collapse disorder, might not.  But, mainstream press just can't get their arms around the fact that association is not causation.  That it takes a lot more than that to establish cause-and-effect relationships.  But they do us this disservice all the time - construing association to mean cause - especially when it comes to health care.

So, as always, caveat emptor.

on Oct 11, 2010

If it bleeds, it leads.  Mainstream Media no longer cares about the truth.  The National Enquirer did not raise its standards to get to a Pulitzer nomination.  The rest of the media just lowered its standards.