I don't think so
Published on September 23, 2013 By Daiwa In Mobile Tech


I was contemplating a Surface Pro to replace my iPad1.  Not now.  Especially since its Citrix connectivity is severely constrained.

I'll go with iPad5 when it's out.

on Sep 23, 2013

That's an impressive price point.  And not in a good way.


on Sep 23, 2013

The Surface Pro 2 is more comparable to an ultrabook or MacBook Air alternative, not really up against an iPad.


on Sep 23, 2013

Except for all their advertising putting it (Surface) up against just that (poor Siri).

Besides: MacBook Air 13.3" 4GB RAM 128GB SSD = $1050 at Best Buy.  No contest.

on Sep 29, 2013

I think the better approch to justify a price like that would be if the device itself would be upgradable for the future...
Have you seen the concept of Phonebloks ? I think this would be perfect for devices like Ipad or Surface  
The explanation video can be found here if someone is interested

on Sep 29, 2013

I would assume that the Surface pro is not a replacement for one or the other, but both.  Why pick?  If I were buying this kind of nonsense, it seems the clear choice from a utility perspective.