Published on February 9, 2017 By Daiwa In Personal Computing

I finally transitioned to Windows10 Pro about 3 weeks ago when it came time to retire my Win7 laptop that had developed terminal constipation and display issues.  Among the many annoyances of the background/automatic update drill in Win10 is its handling of MS Office updates.  I use Word & Excel every day and I keep a bunch of documents pinned to the recent documents list in each application.  After getting them set up as I needed following the initial install, Update has removed the pinned documents twice already, completely deleting the Recent Documents list.  This is incredibly stupid and easily avoidable, but Microsoft.

Being new to Win10, I'll ask:  Does anyone know how one might get these pinned document choices to survive an update (which seem to be occurring weekly so far)?  



on Feb 09, 2017

I have no idea as to how you solve that issue, but you [like me] are just one among the many miliions who have major annoyances every time Windows updates. 

I've had issues since day one with perfectly good drivers being replaced for my keyboard and mouse and network adapter, completely borking those things and forcing me to either do a System Restore or uninstall the offending Microcrap.

On one occasion I had to reformat and start over because a major update totally rendered my machine inoperable.  It wouldn't boot at all and the only way I had to restart my machine was to go into the BIOS and boot from the Windows Installation disc.

So there you have it... welcome to the wonder of Windows 10.

on Feb 09, 2017

I don't know if this can help your specific problem but taking control over updates would be the first thing I would try.

There is a program called Windows Update MiniTool. I haven't tried it. 5 star rating at, but not all comments are positive.


on Feb 09, 2017

Another annoyance is when the updates happen and you don't know about it ahead of time. I could be busy working in photoshop and the updates slow everything down to a crawl making the app unusable. Caught it a few times. Used to be it would tell you when updates are available. Not any more.

on Feb 09, 2017

You can at least stop it from auto-rebooting your machine in the middle of your work through a group policy edit, but IIRC it's only available to you in Win 10 Pro.

on Feb 09, 2017

anotherside -

Thanks, I'll give that a look.