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Published on February 14, 2017 By Daiwa In Personal Computing

This is a follow-up to Brad's linked post which is locked, recommending setting the processor power on battery setting to 99%.

The one thing his post didn't indicate is what the default processor power setting on battery was before he set it to 99%.  My rig has it defaulted to 50%.  My simple brain thinks setting it to 99% would increase power consumption and reduce battery life.  If the default on his Surface Pro 4 was 100%, setting it at 99% would make sense to increase battery life.  Chime in if you see this, Brad.

On a related note, this new rig of mine, a Dell Inspiron 13 7000 with Win10Pro, gets killed by sleep mode.  Battery drains far faster when it's in sleep than not.  If I prevent sleep, my battery life is 8-9 hours of steady use.  Lucky to get 4-5 if it happens to sleep for as little as 30 minutes, so I've found best strategy is to set sleep to never, even on battery.  I'd be interested to know if others on Win10 notebooks are seeing similar issues.



on Feb 14, 2017

I also use a Windows 10 laptop, and a tablet when I'm on the go, so no I don't experience these problems. These are issues what? You have three power plans, and each one is for plugged, and battery. Customise one for plugged in when you are at home, and one when you are away. Use maximum processor performance when it is plugged in.

on Feb 14, 2017

Thanks, admiral.  I understand the general power settings.

My question is whether setting the processor power (in advanced power settings) to 50% is 'better' than 99% for battery life, or vice versa.

on Feb 14, 2017

Most likely the more resources you use, like using processors all the time. The less battery life you have. How much less I don't know. To have long battery life you will have to give up resources. 

on Feb 15, 2017

Del12 9nspiron 13 7000
Intel® Core™ i5 (4. Generation) 4210U Prozessor 2x 1,70 GHz / consumes ~ (15Wh)
4 Cell Lithium-Ion-Battery (43Wh) -  runtime of ~ 6 hours

Despite what i wrote above, the display consumption also plays a huge factor, and i would rather try to stem that instead of the CPU.

Since there are multiple options to choose from:
minimum processor state - once the CPU goes idle the value on either On battery or plugged state will be used.
On Battery this can be set to 5% and will drastically decrease power consumption once idle.
Plugged 80-100% while i would set it to 99%

Maximum processor state - the opposite from the above once heavy calculations are needed
This can be set depending to the needs of the user - which i mean with that it all depends if you run multiple programs simultaneously...
Standard is 70% on Battery
While 100% plugged