Published on February 28, 2017 By Daiwa In OS Customization

Does any one know what system color source/setting Windows 10 uses for the icon color in, for example, the Windows Settings dialog?

In the Win10 Personalization/Colors dialog, it is called Accent Color.

If I choose an Accent Color then re-apply Windowblinds for any reason (and there's a reason fairly often, unfortunately), the color reverts to a different color, presumably from the system colors section of the WB skin.  I can't work out which system color is being invoked playing around with system colors in WB Config so thought I'd ask.



on Feb 28, 2017

Daiwa I was trying to figure out this situation. In turn I messed a lot up on my win10. LOL. Somehow I got it but but can't tell you how. 

I will say this in case you wish to try it. In Windowblinds under settings. I have "Apply Windows accent color based on the current theme" Checked. 

Where it says "Apply accent color to backgrounds (recommended)"  I have that unchecked. 

This may have nothing to do with what you are asking. I really never go into Windiowblinds and change anything except for a skin. I change my wallpaper, Windowblind and have WB, start10 and Old new explorer installed. This looks almost exactly like win7. At least as far as having Explorer, Startmenu and of course everything else WB changes.

on Feb 28, 2017

Thanks, Dave.  I hadn't looked in the Settings section of WBConfig, just the System Colors section, & didn't realize those options were listed there.

Making those changes to match yours fixed me up.

on Feb 28, 2017

Great, glad to hear that.