No free stuff for you on this 'free' site any more - new signup numbers must be down
Published on January 13, 2022 By Daiwa In Personal Computing

There are 3 or 4 Twitter accounts that I follow via browser just for entertainment purposes.  One in particular I find particularly entertaining because his sick sense of humor is so much like mine.

For a few months now, there has appeared a popup dialog on opening of the web page of each offering the opportunity to Log In or Sign Up.  A little annoying but it always had a convenient X to dismiss the dialog & go on about surfing.

That was until today.  Now the dialog cannot be dismissed and surfing the tweets is verboten.  Sign Up or Log In, that's that.

Their product, their rules, but doesn't really make me want to Sign Up much.  Eff 'em.

on Jan 13, 2022

On the bright side, just opened up some real estate on my bookmarks bar.

on Jan 13, 2022

Never twitted....

I'm not a very good twit...

on Jan 23, 2022

Appears to have been a temporary phenomenon.  I'll quit my bitchin'.